Gas stations in SLT has been certified Pasti Pas, which can be ascertained dose or the services already meet good standards. Our gas stations are always in the audit closely by Pertamina, so we are always encouraged to provide the best service to our customers.

We have a complete service for your vehicle. Not only to fill the fuel only, but you can check your vehicle in SLT Auto Boutique, once you take care of your vehicle and use Automatic Carwash with your family can relax in our restaurant and cafe that serves a variety of cuisines.

Our entire fuel, an environmentally friendly fuel which is our moral responsibility to care for generations to come.

Our Facility

SLT Autoboutique

an auto repair shop that has experienced mechanic, tools with the latest technology, a convenient location and is equipped with complete facilities.

Car Wash & Salon Mobil

We provide car wash either automatically or manually, so as to provide choice for customers in caring for your favorite vehicle.


The Best solution for your fleet management

SLT Food Corner

a wide variety of dishes at affordable prices can give you a sense of comfort while waiting for your car is being serviced in our workshop

R2R Resto & Cafe

Our skilled and thoughtful staff is deeply attuned to the emotional experience of our spectacular guests. Where you‘ll always expect to come and be pampered with a complete style of services.

SPBU Pasti Pas

refueling with the quality and quantity of fuel that can be trusted.

Keep in touch with us

SLT 1 - Tanah Abang

     Tanah Abang 2 - Jakarta

     +62 21 3504 888

SLT 2 - Pancoran

     Jl. Raya Pasar Minggu - Pancoran

     +62 21 7990 888